WP12Dissemination: translating research into evidence-based policy and informing stakeholders

This work package, led by the Hertie School of Governance, aims to ensure that the research activities and findings of the consortium enjoy maximum visibility, multimedia versatility, as well as use and engagement by a range of relevant audiences.
More specifically:

  • To formulate a joint dissemination strategy for the project to be refined in the course of the project based on the feedback from target audiences.
  • To provide a platform for the consortium that makes it easy to engage policy-makers, targeted practitioners and other stakeholders in research design, to profile, electronically disseminate and put to discussion results and publications.
  • To use academic research findings for making feasible policy recommendations in line with the Action Plan Implementing the EU’s Stockholm Programme and to inform policy-making at the national and regional level.
  • To fully harness multimedia and data visualisation tools to communicate the research findings in the most engaging ways.
  • To convene a series of research-to-policy workshops for different target audiences to facilitate essential face-to-face communication and discussion of results and lay the foundations for policy impact and deeper policy to research dialogue in the future.